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V 50/100 TFM CEMB Balancing Machine
Products: Hits: 239V 50/100 TFM CEMB Balancing Machine 
Brand: CEMB
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Updated: 2016-05-11 17:46

V 50/100 TFM CEMB Balancing

Machine With manual drilling

- milling unit


Balancing machine equipped with milling/drilling unit able to balance rotors by a making drills vertically or at an angle or by contour milling.

The cutter spindle is controlled manually for the milling feed.

A rotary table allows milling tangential slots for correction of the unbalances.

- gearbox for variable speed
- 8 speeds from 75 to 2100 rpm (std)
- motor power rating 0.7/1.1 kW
- spindle with Morse taper n°4 (optional ISO 30)
- vertical spindle stroke 160 mm
- vertical head stroke 460 mm
- horizontal head travel 660 mm with manual control (optional with axis drive motor)
- drilling capacity in steel 30 mm
- tilting of milling head about the vertical 45 degrees
- max. driving torque on the spindle for milling feed 30 N.m